August 29, 2013


Janji Melayu untuk update blog. 

I'm not Malay. 

June 13, 2013

Surabaya to Jogja - Day 1

This is something like being a travel guide to my sister. Before I went back for good, we decided to have a short trip in Java. Yogyakarta (Pronounce Jogjakarta), Jakarta and Bogor. It was indeed very short trip. We stayed for about 3 days only. Eventhough Jogja, the special region in Indo is quite small and reachable, but 3 days are not enough. My third time, after first was in 2008 and second was in 2011. Prior to time constriction, the last 2 visits I only managed to have a glimpse in Candi Borobudur. There's a lot to explore in Jogja! 

Let's start with Surabaya to Jogja. I booked a train ticket for two, a week earlier. It costs around 110-160K IDR depends on promo or regular price and took around 4-5 hours journey. You may enjoy the scenery of paddy fields, villages, trees and even sheeps. 

Upon arrival, Jogja train station. (Tugu) 

This is Sancaka Pagi train, depart from Surabaya at 8.00 am (and they are precisely on time) arrived in Jogja at 12 noon. They played Karate Kid and Tooth Fairy along the way. Good for us. Good for the Mat Salleh group next to us. 

Checked in to Poncowinatan Hotel, the hotel I stayed 2 years ago for MOHE activity. Very affordable. It is a walking distance from the train station actually. Tapi tak kan lah usung luggage from train station kan? (Yes,I hardly travel light) We took beca instead. I (and most Malaysians in Indo) am immune with trishaw. My sister in other side, kesian with pacik beca as they are physically small and thin. As for me and my sister are.. ehemm..

Paparazzi-ed by sister. 

This list provided by the hotel. Rate from hotel to their  interesting places.
Knowing our limited time for exploring, we are heading to 1st tourist attraction in an hour after arrival. To the Taman Sari we go! By beca. Eventhough as I called it 3 times to Jogja, tapi hampeh.. maps and roads are not my forte. My sis did her homework and planning our whereabouts. Most of their in town tourist attractions are reachable.
View from beca. In front is the famous Tugu.

Passed by Jl Malioboro. Unique kereta kuda. 

Here we are! In front of Taman Sari. If I'm not mistaken, the ticket price is 3K per person. Or 6K. Lesser than 10K. That I can assure. 

Taman Sari Water Castle (according to Google) is a site of a former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and had multiple functions. Resting area, workshop, meditation, defense area and hiding place.The building of Taman Sari commenced during the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I (1755–1792), the first sultan of the Yogyakarta Sultanate, and was completed by the time of Sultan Hamengkubuwono II. Longgg longgggggggg time ago kan! Amazing how they maintain this place. By the way, after you step in the entrance door, a staff will assist you from A to Z. From the history  to taking pictures. 

That is the kolam, or they call it as bathe area where the Sultan's concubines (which i were told almost 40 of them) taking bathe. You see the window above? It was told that the Sultan will stand there and throw petals to choose one of his concubines. (There was another kolam behind the window building)  

The 2nd kolam is for  Sultan's daughter. 
This is the flower (which I forgot it's name)  that Sultan throw  to the lucky concubines. Macam bunga di kubur. But the uncle said it's different.  
Castle as usual lah kan, huge! It took me sometime to wow-ed at this huge palace.
Next is the underwater mosque, which connected via tunnel. It was told that the Dutch are against Islam, hence explains the underwater mosque. You can read more about Taman Sari here. It was quite a journey to reach this mosque. I wonder how the Sultan came here. 

Kiblat. Imam will solat in this specific place, and makmum follow behind Imam.  This unique mosque is round in shape. It is quite unique to perform prayer in a 'saf' which the mosque is not in square. 

Which path to take lah konon. The elevated platform inside Sumur Gumuling where the four staircases meet in the center. On the ground level of this platform is a small pool that was used for wudu'.
This is the last area, rooms, living rooms and whatever main rooms are situated. Note the small squares at the wall. It was told that the squares are for woods, as a partition for ground and first floor. Banyak runtuh. 

Motif editted: I love the angle! 

"make sure I look falling from above" me: "T___T"

I know I'm a bad photographer. You can tell.

We decided to go back after Taman Sari as it was gloomy and started raining. Pacik beca whom we chartered earlier waiting for us. Back to hotel for a while, waiting for a brighter sky and we walked to Malioboro. It took almost 15 to 20 minutes. Our biggest concern is to walk more. We don't indulge fine culinary while in Jogja. (My sister and I very particular on foods. No, we don't want to fall into stomach upset while traveling.) What I love the most on day 1, the art of walking. 

The end of Jogja day 1. Phew! 

June 09, 2013

Resolutions evaluation!

1. Get my BDS and chioww before May. I actually chioow end of May. LOL

2. Get my DIS and start BAIS This is tough. Or in other word, Ain is lazy. But afraid not, I'm eyeing on this. I can do itttt!

3. Hafazan Just kill me now! Kura-kura lagi laju!

4. At least 20 beneficial books to read. Doesn't matter to repeat the same book. For the record, I read very least during my final sem. I mean, text books are not included in this list right? But guess what, I just read 3 books in 5 days! Impressive (for me). Paling utama, mom gave me 'rahsia raja lelong' book. Hermmm

5. Taming bulge. (Every year resolution. Blergh) This is pretty impressive when I was in Indo. Now that I'm home, banyaknya makannnn. T__T Trying to control. 

6. Eat right. Fibres and oats! Checked

7. Sleep at 10pm. Sleep in 6-7 hours. What time is it now? 2238. Lol. Memang out la list ni. 

8. Travel more. *insert happy face* Checked ;D

9. Start giving to society. PENDING. KIV. I don't even keluar rumah. T__T

10. Join a cause/volunteer. IDEM

11. Start writing. Lack of creativity nowadays. What am I doing right now then? 

12. Drink 2L plain water per day for a moist skin. DOUBLE TRIPLE CHECKED. CRAZY. But the moist skin part is pending. T__T

13. Run at least 20 mins/ session. 3 times/week. --to get Kimberley's body OK. I did more. And still not even close to Kimberley's body. I guess I was born to be like P!nk. (perasan)

14. Go for kelas mengaji! Like the real one! Heh. Not even close :(

15. Break up with orange and yellow, try other colours. (important!) Checked! Welcome navy blue and turqoise. Ahaks!

16. Go for cooking class.I signed up for this. Chef Ain <<< specialize in pastry only. (in my dreams)  

17. .. and maybe kelas menjahit. Errrrr. Ok maybe soon. 

18. Have my own mini library in my room. Checked

19. Start investing. Omg. This should be on my 5th list. Unemployed. T__T 

20. Mengundi? Lol. I skipped this! Well, I registered for undi pos but it was in Jakarta (on Sunday) and I have exam the next day. Not that I'm an ignorance citizen, I did in fact very concern citizen. But my exam is far more important than voting. I pray for a Better Nation tho. ;D

Summarized my resolutions and I've done only 40% from the whole lists. Mengecewakan. 
I aim for more achievement in 5 more months to come. InsyaAllah. 

I update this blog for my personal track (in future) , so doesn't matter this blogspot medium so yesterday or yesteryear. 



 (Pic for profesi 2013) 

June 07, 2013


Salam Jumaat. 28 Rejab.
Alhamdulillah. All praise to The Almighty.
For His blessings and mercy, I completed my degree. 

For this is my free time to update like the 'penganggur' way. 

-Review on books. 
-Of Jogja, Bogor and Jakarta
-Study in Indonesia

Tick tock. June is about to an end. I am behind time! Resolutions progresses are stagnant. iDie!

(Writing on next entry) 
Till then! 


March 10, 2013

I choose..

For my 2013 resolutions, specifically number 5,6,7, 12 and 13..
I choose to try Paleo diet

Here's my journal,

Shi'a Nikah Mut'ah

Nikah Mut'ah  (Arabicنكاح المتعة‎) In Islamic law, marriage is of two kinds: permanent and temporary. Permanent Marriage means the marriage in which there is no fixed time. The wife in this marriage is known as “the permanent wife”. Temporary Marriage means the marriage in which the time limit is fixed to a year or more or less. The wife in this marriage is known as “the temporary wife "short-term" is a fixed-term or short-term contractual of a woman by temporary marriage.that its origin is in the pre-Islamic era . -Wikipedia. 

Watch these to understand more on Nikah Mut'ah (contract marriage) in Iran. (Shi'a)

Semoga Shi'a ni dapat hidayah, to stop manipulate Holy Quran and Hadeeth and come back to real ISLAM. Not pray to their 12 Imams, but Allah alone. 
This is violation towards women. 

Read here for the hadeeth and fatwa

February 02, 2013

#Review 1: Superior Moms

It's February and I am down with only 1 book khatam-ed.
Which means 19 to go, for my 4th resolution. So lembab.

To combine resolution no. 4 and no. 11, I have to review on books.
Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, published in 2011 was recommended by one of this speaker of a seminar I went (I forgot her name) a psychologist and writer of parenting books.

I rate 8/10, for most of the stories remind me of my (tiger) mom, although she's not Chinese and professor, but she always treat us like Sophie and Lulu.
And yes, I agreed 100% Chinese moms are superior compared to the others.

I remember last time, tv session for an hour or so per day. Tu pun berita TV1. On Wednesday dapat extra hour sebab X-Files. Every weekends catch up on mengaji and sometimes balik kampung.
Hafal sifir kena power. Baca jawi kena lancar. Baca Daily Express (versi English) with loud and clear.
I have no regrets. My strict mom thought us to be what we are today. Religion-economic-education-perception-principles-health-political wise. But most of all, attitude.

What we see nowadays, parents yang terlalu manjakan anak-anak. Attitude hilang, respect lagi lah nun jauh. Don't blame the kids if you failed to raise them right.
I have a patient, 21 years old, she came with her son yang turn out to be sangatlah nakal and she was like tak kisahlah nakal panjat here and there asal kau selamat. Geram dengan budak tu I told the mother, tegur lah budak tu and her respond was? "Hehe.. Ga pa pa mbak." -_-

1. This book recommended for parents out there yang anak-anak tengah membesar (5 years above)
2. Seiring dengan arus kemodenan yang tak terkejar, don't spoil your kids.
3. As my siblings and I recall mom's dictatorship, we are glad for that type of dictatorship made us survived in this cruel world. Heartless, tough and independent.

December 30, 2012

2013 and resolutions.

What to achieve?
1. Get my BDS and chioww before May.
2. Get my DIS and start BAIS
3. Hafazan
4. At least 20 beneficial books to read. Doesn't matter to repeat the same book.
5. Taming bulge. (Every year resolution. Blergh)
6. Eat right. Fibres and oats!
7. Sleep at 10pm. Sleep in 6-7 hours.
8. Travel more. *insert happy face*
9. Start giving to society.
10. Join a cause/volunteer.
11. Start writing. Lack of creativity nowadays.
12. Drink 2L plain water per day for a moist skin.
13. Run at least 20 mins/ session. 3 times/week. --to get Kimberley's body
14. Go for kelas mengaji! Like the real one!
15. Break up with orange and yellow, try other colours. (important!)
16. Go for cooking class.
17. .. and maybe kelas menjahit.
18. Have my own mini library in my room.
19. Start investing. Omg. This should be on my 5th list.
20. Mengundi? Lol.