April 25, 2009

Beautiful Inner & Outer

1- To beautify your eyes, lower your gaze towards strange men; this will make your eyes pure and shiny.

2- To beautify your face and make it shiny, keep doing wudhu  minimum five times a day.

3- To have attractive lips, always mention Allah and remember to speak the truth.

4- As for blush and rouge, “Modesty”  is one of the best brands and it can be found in any of the Islamic centers.

5- To remove impurities from your face and body, use a soap called “Astaghfaar” (seeking forgiveness of Allah) this soap will remove many bad deeds.

6- Now about your hair, if any of you has a problem of split ends, then I suggest “Islamic Hijab” which will protect your hair from damage.

7- As for jewellery, beautify your hands with humbleness and let your hands be generous and give charity to the poor.

8- To avoid heart disease, forgive people who hurt your feelings.


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

1st kah aku?

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...


AKu 1st and 2nd..

Aku suka yang heart disease itu..=)

and thanks for sharing darls.


sharamli said...


n0.8- 4give them?erm......

Nurul Khairunie said...

bulih ko buat instruction cmna mau achieve great smokey eyes? i always love yours.

lari topik ni bah. huhu.

NM. Amalina said...

i'm lovin it..

qishie said...

how to forgive those who kept annoyed u?

Yern Ain said...

cik zara:
ya. kamu first!

my pleasure darling.

yup, even sumtym it is hard.

hey, i tke it as a compliment.
thnk u. ;p

nnt sy bt entry okay.

cik amalina:

take it positively.
always think d good one instead d bad.
n slalu maafkn org lain sblm tdo.

just ignore people yg bugging u.


baincardin said...

"beauty comes from inside not from outlook"

very nice words indeed :)

besi said...

betul2 nie...'
buka cobaan

Yern Ain said...


tq =)

ya. model d atas tu cntk.

eliza said...

bgus entri ni..sy suka.. :)

Ms.Lilies said...

i like this entry....sangat2 truth la....

*salam singgah*

Shahrul Tanaka said...

owh kalau tips berhenti merokok ada x??

DrSam said...

a good and timely reminder. Thank you.

Yern Ain said...

kakak sodara:
sy pn suka ;p

thank u.
rjn2 la visit. heee. =)

tips merokok byk gilak!
d most n foremost, niat yg btl dan bsungguh2.


ur welcome.

FH said...

i want to start forgiving people

Yern Ain said...

that is a good start.