October 30, 2009

Discover how smoking poses dental problems.

Most people argue that genetic predisposition causes dental problems. In reality, smoking also can significantly affect your teeth. Following are some of the effects of smoking on dental health:

.Smoking leads to discoloration of the teeth. Smoking reduces the flow of saliva which cleanses the lining of the mouth and teeth. Saliva also protects the teeth from getting decayed. So, when the amount of saliva gets decreased due to smoking, teeth gets discolored.

.Brown tooth stains are observed on the teeth. Nicotine and tar, the major ingredients of cigarettes stains the teeth. Sticky tar gets deposited on the teeth.

.The roof the mouth becomes inflamed, and turns red in color.

.Infected gums get delayed in healing. Blood flow to the gums is restricted due to smoking. Smoking also diminishes the supply of vital nutrients to the gums. It reduces Vitamin C, which helps the gums to stay healthy. A reduced blood flow and Vitamin C, together delay the treatment of gum diseases in smokers.

.Smoking causes chronic bad breath.

.Smoking is also found to cause loss of teeth.

Effects of Smoking on Teeth

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease occurs when the soft tissue and bone that anchors the jawbones are destroyed due to bacterial infection.

The early stages of the periodontal disease are characterized by bleeding gums. With the infection getting worse the teeth breaks down and pulls away from the gums. Pockets are formed due to this. And, when the supporting structures are destroyed the pockets between the teeth and gums deepen. Ultimately the teeth loose and then fall out.

Gum Diseases and Loss of Teeth

Smoking affects the immune system of the body. It weakens the capability of the body to fight against infections. Dental researchers at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, confirm the fact that smokers are less-equipped to fight back against infections. They have the risk (6 times) to develop gum diseases than the non-smokers.

Gum diseases are manifested by swelling gums. Gum diseases lessen the formation of strong teeth and augment the problem of loss of teeth.


Bacteria get accumulated in plaque (the gluey white material that builds up whenever we do not brush up properly) due to smoking. These bacteria grow within the gum area and cause inflamed gum. The bacteria also affect the jaw. This eventually speeds up the loss of teeth.

~~U know how to prevent all these, aren't you?
Among my favourite answers are STOP SMOKING and VISIT DENTISTS.

P/S: any further question about pocket, periodontal, plaque, gum, gingiva please google. (or you may ask me if u want sesat answer.. ;p)


bspotgurl said...

Erkk, tgh bayangkan org yg tak boleh STOP smoking tu...

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yern ain....good info, buat pedoman

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good info hun :) but ppl yang smoking masih lack of caution. :D

Alyn said...

i loike " Plis visit dentist, or if u want to visit alin, u shud wait till 2013 hi hi hi

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pergh bangga sekejap sbb tak smoke.

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Arief Arf said...

yeah, smoking is bad.
very very bad.