June 07, 2011


Having a smart phone is like brushing your teeth in the morning. A must. At least 2 to 3 out of 10 say so, I assumed.
There was a day, the world of silence. Everybody busy doing their 'thang'; thru phones and laptop.
A friend of mine tweeted, we people need to communicate thru mouth more. Technology eat us.
Indeed very true. I realized my communication skills fall to 'sick' this past few months. Lost words.
Therefore, here I am now; polishing a 'gift' from God that I don't want to lose. May the force of writing still with me. Writing is good for our soul.


tqa said...

so true. kdg2 rasa mcm nk buang phone jauh2! tgn asyik kat phone. x puas2 kat laptop =_="

kueh bakar said...


writing is good..

lama bertapa ye.

Yern Ain said...

Tqa: Haha. Kannn. Autis sungguh.

Kueh bakar: Lama sgt bertapa mencari ilham. ;p