December 30, 2012

2013 and resolutions.

What to achieve?
1. Get my BDS and chioww before May.
2. Get my DIS and start BAIS
3. Hafazan
4. At least 20 beneficial books to read. Doesn't matter to repeat the same book.
5. Taming bulge. (Every year resolution. Blergh)
6. Eat right. Fibres and oats!
7. Sleep at 10pm. Sleep in 6-7 hours.
8. Travel more. *insert happy face*
9. Start giving to society.
10. Join a cause/volunteer.
11. Start writing. Lack of creativity nowadays.
12. Drink 2L plain water per day for a moist skin.
13. Run at least 20 mins/ session. 3 times/week. --to get Kimberley's body
14. Go for kelas mengaji! Like the real one!
15. Break up with orange and yellow, try other colours. (important!)
16. Go for cooking class.
17. .. and maybe kelas menjahit.
18. Have my own mini library in my room.
19. Start investing. Omg. This should be on my 5th list.
20. Mengundi? Lol.


Belle Edwin said...

banyaknya ain...kakak blm set lagi...malam ni la..kekekeke

Yern Ain said...

Hehe.. 12 bulan kan.. Blh tu tercapai *positif* :D

Mell L. said...

All the best with these resolutions! Tolonglah rajin sikit update blog.

Sekian, pesanan penaja. ;p

Yern Ain said...

Hahaha. iA will do!